Thursday, September 23, 2010

More info on the Pokeathlon League mini-season

The official Pokemon website amd the PokeGym have released more info about the new Pokemon League season! Or shall I say mini-season?

As I have previously mentioned, the upcoming League cycle will revolve around the Pokeathlon. The five Pokeathlon events and their corresponding promos are as follows:

Ring Drop: Donphan HGSS and Spiritomb AR (just in time for Halloween!)

Hurdle Dash: Crobat UL and Expert Belt (cool enough)

Snow Throw: Delibird HGSS and Azelf LA (finally!)

Block Smash: Steelix UL and Special Metal Energy (OK if you need them)

Disc Catch: Houndoom UD and Special Dark Energy (possibly the best "nice-to-have" League promo so far)

Each League season will last 5 weeks, which means this cycle will end somewhere around March, which is probably when Pokemon Black and White are coming out in the US.

The upcoming crop of League promos looks pretty hot, so why not stop by your local Pokemon League and grab yourself some?

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