Friday, July 23, 2010

YouTube of the Whenever: Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's Game.

Now here's a classic that never gets old: 8-Bit Theater's take on the Dead Alewives' "D&D" skit. It's funny becuse it's sooooo true. Any D&D player's who's anyone has been in a session like this, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably lying through their teeth. The addition of Fighter, Black Mage, and company only makes it funnier.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HGSS: Undaunted scans and Prerelease info

The first few English-language scans from the HGSS: Undaunted set have been leaked recently, including a Forretress (which might combo well with Manectric from Platinum), a Honchkrow (meh), and the Legend Box Trainer card (which might come in handy for those few decks that use Pokemon LEGEND):

Not pictured are a slow-but-powerful Kyogre and Groudon LEGEND, an Espeon Prime (1-2 of which should be required in every Eeveelution deck!), and the Prerelease Promo Leafeon.

Speaking of Prereleases, the ones for this set will be on August 7-8 and 15-16. (Check for the ones near you.) Besides the aforementioned Leafeon promo, each participant will recieve a set of card sleeves with Espeon and Umbreon in yellow on a purple background. These are probably the best-looking set of Prerelease sleeves I've seen so far. Let's hope they're sturdy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A few musings on violence in entertainment...


(puts down the vuvuzela)

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to share a few (possibly enlightening) comments on violence - specifically, the public's perception of violence in the entertainment industry. As I am typing this, the finals of the World Cup have just begun (go Netherlands!), and it's certain that there's a lot of security on hand to deal with the inevitable post-game brouhaha.

Major gaming events like E3 and GenCon, on the other hand, don't require near as much security.

And they say video games and D&D promote violence?

Something just isn't right here.