Saturday, July 17, 2010

HGSS: Undaunted scans and Prerelease info

The first few English-language scans from the HGSS: Undaunted set have been leaked recently, including a Forretress (which might combo well with Manectric from Platinum), a Honchkrow (meh), and the Legend Box Trainer card (which might come in handy for those few decks that use Pokemon LEGEND):

Not pictured are a slow-but-powerful Kyogre and Groudon LEGEND, an Espeon Prime (1-2 of which should be required in every Eeveelution deck!), and the Prerelease Promo Leafeon.

Speaking of Prereleases, the ones for this set will be on August 7-8 and 15-16. (Check for the ones near you.) Besides the aforementioned Leafeon promo, each participant will recieve a set of card sleeves with Espeon and Umbreon in yellow on a purple background. These are probably the best-looking set of Prerelease sleeves I've seen so far. Let's hope they're sturdy.