Monday, August 16, 2010

Congrats to all Worlds champions!

Well, Worlds has come and gone, and we have a new set of champions!

In the TCG:

Juniors: Yuka Furusawa, Japan w/Jumpluff (Miami's own Juan Pablo Arenas, a good friend of mine, was the runner-up) - the first female Pokemon World Champion
Seniors: Jacob Lesage, Canada w/Luxchomp
Masters: Yuta Komatsuda, Japan w/Luxchomp

In the Video Game:

Juniors: Shota Yamamoto, Japan
Seniors: Ray Rizzo, USA

Congratulations to one and all! Let's hope the 2011 Worlds in San Diego turns out to be an even bigger success!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Worlds article on CNN.

Link here.

The article gives a pretty good overview of the Pokemon franchise. Anyone who's curious about Pokemon should give it a read.

On a related note, I was informed during the Undaunted prerelease that Florida's own Heidi Craig (PTO of the Orlando area, mother of three outstanding Pokemon TCG players, and all-around nice lady) has been chosen to help judge the Seniors' division at Worlds! Congratulations, Heidi!

I wish good luck to all participants! May the best deck win.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YouTube Video of the Whenever: Going to the bathroom in space.

Rumor has it that the most commonly asked question at the Kennedy Space Center is: "How do you go to the bathroom in space?" In this YouTube video, Col. Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency explains how. To sum it up: it's all about suction.

Thanks for watching, and be careful the next time you wish upon a shooting star!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some notes from around the Pokeverse...

First up, the Enigma Stone is availlable through Nintendo Wi-Fi from now until August 27th. this myserious item will enable HeartGold ans SoulSilver players to catch the Lati that is normally unavailable in their version (Latios in HeartGold, Latias in SoulSilver). Take it to the fossil-reviving guy in Pewter City Museum, and he will turn it into the Soul Dew. Steven Stone will then arrive and tell you about the Soul Dew's connection to Latios and Latias. Leave the Museum and Latias or Latios will be waiting for you. He/she will be at Level 40.

In the TCG front, the HeartGold/SoulSilver: Undaunted set Prereleases will occur on the weekends of August 7-8, 14-15, and 21-22. This set features some of the best Pokemon Prime and Pokemon Legends yet, as well as cool new Eeveelutions, Supporters, and Stadium cards. As always, check for times and locations!

Also, Worlds is coming up in mid-August. The top players from around the world will gather in Hawaii to show the world what they've got! Best of luck to all participants!

After Worlds, the Modified TCG format will shift to Majestic Dawn-on. This means no more Claydol (sniff)! Adjust your decks accordingly, Trainers!