Monday, September 6, 2010

Go forth and be Triumphant, Trainers!

The next Pokemon TCG set will be called HS: Triumphant. This will be the last of the HG/SS sets, and it promises to be exciting! Eight new Pokemon Prime (including Machamp and the much-anticipated Gengar), two new Legend duos (Dialga/Palkia and Cresselia/Darkrai), and a plethora of new Trainer, Supporter, and Stadium cards (including some real game-changers) await collectors and players alike. The Lost Zone will feature prominently in this set.

Prereleases will be held on the weekends of October 23rd-24th and 30th-31st, with the set coming out November 2nd. The Prerelease sleeves will be green with a silhouette of Celebi in white.

This set is going to shake things up come Cities, so be sure to get your hands on some as soon as it comes out!

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