Monday, March 1, 2010

OMG Canada!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been very busy with work and preparing for States. Now if only I could find a ride....

Anyway, another great Winter Olympics has come and gone, and with it its triumphs, trials and tragedies. In the two previous Olympic Games Canada hosted (Montreal 1976, Calgary 1988), Canada failed to win a single gold medal. At Vancouver, she more than made up for it by winning an incredible 14 golds, tying an Olympic record.

And not once did I ever hear a Canadian athlete say "eh". In fact, most English-speaking Canadians have a typical Midwestern-style accent, while the Francophones tend to have a definite French accent.

I (and just about everbody else) was surprised at how poorly the Russians fared. I hope they can get their act together by the time the Olympics come to their country in 2014. Ahh, Motherland....

O Canada, we stood on guard for thee - and it showed! Thanks and merci beaucoup, Vancouver!