Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube of the Week - Pokemon is Satanic. Riiight.

Well, since this particular YouTube video is spreading like wildfire among the geek community, and since this is a Pokemon blog, I simply had to post and comment on it.

It's a short screed (circa 1999-2000) by a televangelist on the evils of Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon. My comments are below the video.

Anyway, the preacher says that Pokemon teaches children how to use magic powers in real life. I wish it did; it would sure make my life a whole lot easier. Trouble is, the powers Pokemon use aren't even magic; they're fully "natural", just like claws, fangs, and venom in the real world. Also, anything in any imaginary world has absolutely no bearing on the real world; anybody who thinks so is either delusional, lying, or possibly both.

Sure, there may be a Devil, and he wants to mess us up real good, but aren't there better (or worse) things out there the Devil can use for his own ends than Pokemon? Gangs, drugs, war...all those cause far more suffering than a video game.

As for children fighting and killing each other over Pokemon cards, it wasn't the cards that made them do it; those children were probably maladjusted to begain with. If it wasn't for Pokemon cards, those exact same children might have fought each other over basketball shoes or leather jackets.

Russian roulette isn't a game, it's just stupid. Gaaaaahhh. X(

The preacher then goes into the same hackneyed tripe about D&D and rock 'n' roll that was old back in the 90's. It wasn't true then; it isn't true now.

Saying some people can't be saved or can't go to Heaven because of the games they play is un-Biblical. Methinks our preacher would do well to re-read the Good Book a few more times, starting with the fourteenth chapter of Romans.

Well, I've said enough. If there's anything I missed ranting about, please make a comment!