Monday, December 28, 2009

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Wonder Mail S: Treasure Memos, Part 1

One of the wonderful things that sets Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky from its predecessors is the variety of ways one can get missions. Not only can one obtain missions from the bulletin boards at the Guildhouse, one can also get them from patrons at Spinda's Juice Bar or even the occasional message in a bottle. It is from the latter that the subject of this post comes from: Tresasure Memos.

Treasure Memos aren't anything like ordinary missions. You're not told exactly where to go (it doesn't even show up in the dungeon selection menu when taken); all you get are a few vague clues. Once you get to the proper level in the proper dungeon, you are taken to an irregularly-shaped room full of money, traps, and a treasure chest. Bring a Key and a Pokemon that can walk through walls (or a Drought Orb and a Mobile Scarf). The treasure is usually a Wonder Gummi, but other items like Joy Seeds (yay!) or Eyedrop Seeds (boo!) are obtainable.

Without further ado, here are a half-dozen Wonder Mail S codes for Treasure Memos. Now, I can't tell you exactly where they'll take you; you have to figure it out for yourself.

Treasure Memo #1:

P8TTK - 3RT8N74 - N4WPH
935QR - Y0J&J1F - 8@@+C

Treasure Memo #2:

=-%NF - +#=+6MN - +J1Q9
+1R5N - X&MR+JQ - 0M5P@

Treasure Memo #3:

FRQFM - 1603286 - R+NHP
H0J&3 - H#X8X83 - XCF@S

Treasure Memo #4:

P01YH - KMY-%MH - 8F2%J
-9CHT - WR3&C9F - SM7R6

Treasure Memo #5:

P1J58 - Q-QXKT& - NRT#N
-0T9S - 79FNY1P - 29+QM

Treasure Memo #6:

2YY5% - %4#SXH= - H8%1F
7W#%- - SWY6H@Q - 1Y3PX


  1. it's a great cheat! thx a lot :D

  2. Wow! thank you. Here is another memo.

    Treasure Memo #7

    let's hide the treasure we found earlier in the shape of the bluff!

    Objective: Find Treasure
    Place: ???? B3F
    Restictions: none
    Difficulty: D (15)

    J2C+Y %Q&PJWF @R3PR