Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arceus Prereleases Announced!

While the Battle Roads are still raging, the time approaches for a new Prelease! This time, the Platinum Series goes out with a bang with the Platinum: Arceus set! This set centers around Arceus, the "god" of Pokemon, and all the Energy types he can assume. besides Arceus, there are numerous excellent Trainer cards, including some interesting Pokemon Tools, numerous Lv. X's, the usual trio of Shiny Pokemon, and (unlike the previous three sets) only a handful of SP's.

The Prerelease promo card is Raichu (heh, heh) and the card sleeves feature (who else?) Arceus:

The Arceus Prereleases take place on the last two weeks of October. To find one near you, check out For set spoilers, go to PokeBeach's list.

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