Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Pokemon Global Link is back up!

The Pokemon Global Link is back up, and it looks better than ever! I especially like the "Earth-from-space" look of the main page. The Cool Hole is now open and has been renamed the Icy Cave. Many Ground- and Ice-type Pokemon can be found there, including Sneasel, Onix, Snorunt, and Diglett. For those of you lucky enough to have Pokemon Black or White 2, you can actully catch Unova Pokemon in the Icy Cave, including Drilbur and Druddigon. Can't wait for that!

The Dream Catalogue has been updated with new furniture (mostly bath-related items), two new houses (a Treehouse and a Tropical Hut), and more Pokemon Dolls than a teenager's bedroom. Start growing those berries!

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