Thursday, January 26, 2012


The Pokemon world has gone crazy over Mewtwo lately, thanks to the upcoming release of EX:Next Destinies and the highly anticipated Mewtwo EX card. Shortly after the release of Next Destinies on February 8, a special Mewtwo Collection box containing two Next Destinies packs, a Mewtwo EX jumbo card, a cool Mewtwo figure, an exclusive Battle City Stadium card promo, and (of course) a Pokemon TCG Online code card, will be released.

If the video games are more of your bag, then there's good news for you as well: a special Mewtwo will be given out via Nintendo WiFi. The Level 70 Mewtwo will have a random nature, hold a King's Rock, and know a move Mewtwo doesn't ordinarily know: Electro Ball. The promotion starts February 12.

To learn more about Mewtwo and EX:Next Destinies (and to download some cool wallpapers in the process!), you can go to's mini-site here.

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