Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Deer(ling)! More C-Gear skins?

Yep, the C-Gear skins just keep on coming! First up, the password for a Croagunk C-Gear skin has been revealed to Nintendo Power subscribers. For those of you who are non-subscribers, the password is NPCGEAR. It is available from now until March 1, 2012.

Next up, we have several Deerling skins - one for each of its forms. The password for the Spring form is JJW2X97D. It is available from now until October 11, 2012. The passwords for the other three forms will be posted as soon as they are revealed.

Finally, a Zoroark skin is available from now until January 11, 2012. The password is ZoroarkMonth11.

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