Monday, February 7, 2011

More Pokemon Black and White-related downloads

Good news for those who were unable or unwilling to go to a Gamestop last month: the Shiny Legendary Beasts will be available for download over Nintendo WiFi. Raikou will be available from now until February 13, Entei will be available next week, and Suicune the week after that.

A special Celebi will be downloadable in North American Gamestop stores from February 27-March 6, as well as in a few European venues (e. g. Spaceworld stores in Norway from February 14-March 4). This little green fairy does double duty: not only will it unlock a bit of Team Rocket-related backstory when downoaded or traded to Heart Gold or Soul Silver, when it's transferred to Pokemon Black or White, one can obtain a level 10 Zorua from a young boy in Castelia City.

Also, the first Nintendo WiFi download for Pokemon Black and White has been announced. The Liberty Pass will be available in North America from March 6-April 10 and in Europe from March 4-April 22. This item will allow you to travel to Liberty Island where you can capture Victini.

It's going to be a busy month for Pokemon players. Hope y'all have Pokemon Black and White preordered!

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