Friday, November 13, 2009

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: Wonder Mail S Special Dungeon Codes

Recently, I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and I can't seem to put it down. If you liked Explorers of Time and Darkness, you'll love Explorers of Sky. There are many more dungeons to explore, items to find, a juice bar to hang out in, an extended storyline, and even the chance to play as certain NPC's in special episodes that deal with the game's backstory.

There is also a new form of Wonder Mail: Wonder Mail S. Unlike Wonder Mail in previous games, Wonder Mail S codes are in a 5-7-5 character format, meaning they are incompatible with previous games. In this post and probably in future posts, I will reval some interesting, cool, and maybe even some bizarre Wonder Mail S codes for you to try.

Our first list of Wonder Mail S codes open up the 7 Special Dungeons that hold the Guardians of the Seven Treasures. As some may already know from Explorers of Time and Darkness, these 7 dungeons are available when your exploration team rescues Scizor, gaining the Secret Rank. Each dungeon holds a Legendary Pokemon and a special item which increases the recruitment rate of Pokemon of a certain type.

The Wonder Mail S codes for the 7 Special Dungeons are as follows:

Shimmer Desert:

1HMTN - PR#MKFX - 4W@5%
=XR0& - N=+NSHX - R7@HJ

Mt. Avalanche:

-QFPM - Y+XFW9X - 8J3@@
5%6+6 - 4M9R6TY - 219J2

World Abyss:

-R9-@ - -8H-H&=0 - #8%3M
H=5MN - QSS884F - -@WXX

Sky Stairway:

=F%@H - - WH&=YN8 - =5k0+
0SMHN - 49CN+N+ - @4%=N

Bottomless Sea:

F#FK- - W1-9+85 - FHWQN
7@87# - 8#4&CWS - =W@WJ

Mystery Jungle:

X3QW% - @T@N0Y1 - 4RTHQ
5W7&3 - F92N0Q - 5821Y

Giant Volcano:

2P#QP - 3PN3Q0R - YJX+R
Q#Y-4 - 1C%R#%6 - X7KS5


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