Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Pokemon League Promos are here!

The scorecards and promos for the Rival season have arrived, and I must say they look great! The scorecards are bigger than in previous years, and fold up in the middle for some reason. The front has separate tracks for the TCG and the video game, and you can obtain a set of promos for both! The back contains a space for writing one's name and POP ID, as well as a picture of a notable Pokemon trainer and one of his/her favorite Pokemon.

The promos have a special shiny foil treatment as well as a Pokeball watermark in the text box. There are two types of promos for each season: one nice-to-have promo representing one of the featured Trainer's favorite Pokemon, and the other a have-to-have card that's a staple in many tournament-level decks.

In addition to promos, every other season players who finish one side of their scorecards in two consecutive seasons will be able to earn a special League-themed Nintendo DS skin.

The 2009-2010 League Seasons and their associated promos are:

Season 1 (Rival): Snorlax (Rising Rivals, rare) and Uxie (Legends Awakened)

Season 2 (Cyrus): Arcanine G (Supreme Victors), Dialga G (Platinum)

Season 3 (Cynthia): Milotic C (Supreme Victors), Claydol (Great Encounters - a must-have!)

Season 4 (Palmer): Dragonite FB (Supreme Victors), Roseanne's Research (Secret Wonders)

Season 5 (Thorton): Skarmory FB (Supreme Victors), Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters)

Season 6 (Dahlia): Dusknoir FB (Supreme Victors), Bebe's Search (Mysterious Treasures)

Season 7 (Darach): Empoleon FB (Supreme Victors), Underground Expedition (Rising Rivals)

Season 8 (Argenta): Butterfree FB (Supreme Victors), Warp Point (Majestic Dawn)

As you can see, there's a definite Battle Frontier theme going on here. Aside from some of the later-season promos and the timing of the Claydol season, I'm quite happy with it. It's going to be a great League year for sure!

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